[Deprecated] Kustomize (kustomize/v1)

The kustomize plugin allows you to scaffold all kustomize manifests used to work with the language plugins such as go/v2 and go/v3. By using the kustomize plugin, you can create your own language plugins and ensure that you will have the same configurations and features provided by it.

Note that projects such as Operator-sdk consume the Kubebuilder project as a lib and provide options to work with other languages like Ansible and Helm. The kustomize plugin allows them to easily keep a maintained configuration and ensure that all languages have the same configuration. It is also helpful if you are looking to provide nice plugins which will perform changes on top of what is scaffolded by default. With this approach we do not need to keep manually updating this configuration in all possible language plugins which uses the same and we are also able to create “helper” plugins which can work with many projects and languages.

When to use it ?

If you are looking to scaffold the kustomize configuration manifests for your own language plugin

How to use it ?

If you are looking to define that your language plugin should use kustomize use the Bundle Plugin to specify that your language plugin is a composition with your plugin responsible for scaffold all that is language specific and kustomize for its configuration, see:

	// Bundle plugin which built the golang projects scaffold by Kubebuilder go/v3
	// The follow code is creating a new plugin with its name and version via composition
	// You can define that one plugin is composite by 1 or Many others plugins
	gov3Bundle, _ := plugin.NewBundle(plugin.WithName(golang.DefaultNameQualifier), 
		plugin.WithVersion(plugin.Version{Number: 3}),
		plugin.WithPlugins(kustomizecommonv1.Plugin{}, golangv3.Plugin{}), // scaffold the config/ directory and all kustomize files
		// Scaffold the Golang files and all that specific for the language e.g. go.mod, apis, controllers

Also, with Kubebuilder, you can use kustomize alone via:

kubebuilder init --plugins=kustomize/v1 
$ ls -la 
total 24
drwxr-xr-x   6 camilamacedo86  staff  192 31 Mar 09:56 .
drwxr-xr-x  11 camilamacedo86  staff  352 29 Mar 21:23 ..
-rw-------   1 camilamacedo86  staff  129 26 Mar 12:01 .dockerignore
-rw-------   1 camilamacedo86  staff  367 26 Mar 12:01 .gitignore
-rw-------   1 camilamacedo86  staff   94 31 Mar 09:56 PROJECT
drwx------   6 camilamacedo86  staff  192 31 Mar 09:56 config

Or combined with the base language plugins:

# Provides the same scaffold of go/v3 plugin which is a composition (kubebuilder init --plugins=go/v3)
kubebuilder init --plugins=kustomize/v1,base.go.kubebuilder.io/v3 --domain example.org --repo example.org/guestbook-operator 


The kustomize plugin implements the following subcommands:

  • init ($ kubebuilder init [OPTIONS])
  • create api ($ kubebuilder create api [OPTIONS])
  • create webhook ($ kubebuilder create api [OPTIONS])

Affected files

The following scaffolds will be created or updated by this plugin:

  • config/*

Further resources