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Default Exported Metrics References

Following the metrics which are exported and provided by controller-runtime by default:

Metrics nameTypeDescription
workqueue_depthGaugeCurrent depth of workqueue.
workqueue_adds_totalCounterTotal number of adds handled by workqueue.
workqueue_queue_duration_secondsHistogramHow long in seconds an item stays in workqueue before being requested.
workqueue_work_duration_secondsHistogramHow long in seconds processing an item from workqueue takes.
workqueue_unfinished_work_secondsGaugeHow many seconds of work has been done that is in progress and hasn’t been observed by work_duration. Large values indicate stuck threads. One can deduce the number of stuck threads by observing the rate at which this increases.
workqueue_longest_running_processor_secondsGaugeHow many seconds has the longest running processor for workqueue been running.
workqueue_retries_totalCounterTotal number of retries handled by workqueue.
rest_client_requests_total CounterNumber of HTTP requests, partitioned by status code, method, and host.
controller_runtime_reconcile_total CounterTotal number of reconciliations per controller.
controller_runtime_reconcile_errors_total CounterTotal number of reconciliation errors per controller.
controller_runtime_reconcile_time_seconds HistogramLength of time per reconciliation per controller.
controller_runtime_max_concurrent_reconciles GaugeMaximum number of concurrent reconciles per controller.
controller_runtime_active_workers GaugeNumber of currently used workers per controller.
controller_runtime_webhook_latency_seconds HistogramHistogram of the latency of processing admission requests.
controller_runtime_webhook_requests_total CounterTotal number of admission requests by HTTP status code.
controller_runtime_webhook_requests_in_flightGaugeCurrent number of admission requests being served.